Tuesday, January 11, 2005

What the hell?? V 2.0

So I formatted and put windows 98 on my pc because I couldnt find a valid key for Windows XP. And now.. I have a 40 gig hard drive that Winblows 98 will only let me use 2 gigs of.

Now I have DSL, and Im all ready to have a download-o-thon. Except, I cant download a damn thing because with the OS and the programs I use that I MUST have... I am only allotted 107 mb at the moment.

Thanks Mr. Gates.


Gama said...

Hi :) how are today?
It's good to hear from ya again.
Tell me about it my I'm runnning low on gigs :-(
I guess I need a new computer.

BM, The Necessary Movement said...

I hate to brag but here i go!!!! I just bought a new computer 160 gigs!! Ohh how sweet!!! I have over 8600 mp3's/songs on that beauty which takes about 35 gigs!!!!
Oh god i love it and porn has never moved faster!!!

Azathoth said...

Bill rules the world. His current plan is to infect all comps with a virus that only he will have the cure for therefore making mankind grovel at his feet.

Bookend said...

F_*# Bill Gates...man, he's evil...but BRILLIANT at the same time, gotta respect his scary smart ass...sorry Joy, I have no idea how to help your problem...call me BillGateslychallenged...

Angry Nice guy said...

So much for downloading, unless you do one song at a time then burn it. Are you sure it's because of Windows '98 that you can't acess you drive?

Azathoth said...

Hey Joy, check in with Dan, he seems to be missing his friend.

Joy said...

"Are you sure it's because of Windows '98 that you can't acess you drive?"

Yes, win98 NOT SE version.. will only allot you 1.99g of memory. I have a 40 g hd and an 80 g slave drive.


Whats wrong with Dan? I lost all my favs which his blog was in but Ill go looking for him now!!

I love you Dan.