Friday, December 24, 2004


Thats what I feel like talking on the phone like a teenager for hours. But oddly, we had our first, "serious" conversation this morning. About the BS drama crap that happened 10 years ago. It was odd, but all the sudden the 2 of us and our joking relatively light conversation got very serious, but very adult.

It seemed odd because its been a long time since Ive been able to discuss something with an adult male in a completely healthy manner. No yelling, listening, making comments to support ideas or waiting patiently to disagree if the need be.

Weird, there are normal human males out there :p


Azathoth said...

Yep, the norms are out there,but we're doing what we can to pick off the last few.

Actually it's not hard for 2 adults to have a serious discussion. The problem is age and adulthood are not connected so sometimes it's hard to tell who's safe and who's going to yell and scream.

Joy said...

Its pretty safe for me to say that I have never had a conversation with a man whom I was dating for any amount of time, that was as kind and gentle and to the point as this one was. Im still kind of amazed.