Tuesday, December 14, 2004


Roofing sucks. Its about 30 degrees outside and windy. Feels like 22 the weather channel thing I got on my page sez. :((((( But out I head to do some more work. Today will be a good day though I hope. A friend from Everquest is coming to meet me, gonna have a couple of drinks and enjoy ourselves. (Vekx) to those who read here and know him from my guild on EQ for the last 4 years.

Its not been hard at all working with Kt the few days hes helped on the roof. I think he even knows Im done with the friendship. Sure there is still joking around, but theres a definate wall there. Im glad of it. When I am done with something, I am truly done. My actions might not always reflect that, but my attitude and heart certainly does. I think a lot of people think Im cold hearted for that.

I have an xbox date with CD on Wednesday. He doesnt drink. He admits he gets evil when he does so he hasnt drank more then 2 beers at a time in over 10 years. Boy, does that sound good to me. I told him I was gonna whip his ass at ESPN football2k4. Im gonna lose :D


Azathoth said...

yep, roofing sucks. I've done it before and unless you have good weather it can try even the most balanced mind (which I don't posses).
Hope you prod buttocks at X-box.

Angry Nice guy said...

Sorry to hea about the loss of a friend, but sometimes you hasve to let people go. Good luck with the roofing. Watch your step.