Thursday, December 09, 2004

Name that tune?

I don't know you, so don't freak on me
I can't control you
You're not my destiny

Straight out of line
I can't find a reason why i should justify my ways
Straight out of line i don't need a reason
You don't need to lie to me
I'll confess this you're my tragedy
I laid you to rest just as fast as you turned on me
Gone forever vanished the memories,
this face of pleasure are masked by your misery


BM, The Necessary Movement said...

hmmmm i do not know. i give up.

Azathoth said...

Godsmack 'Straight out of line'

Joy said...

Righto Az~

So for a prize what can I get you? A flash movie of some moment you would like to save? A web page professionally designed?

You win, claim your prize!~

Azathoth said...

My prize...Hmmmm. Ok my choice is for you to take a night off and just relax. Take a bath, have some hot cocoa. Maybe read a book. I'm not saying your stressed or anything, I just believe ever now and then we all need a nice quiet nite. So that's my prize request. How about it?

Joy said...

What a wonderful prize to give away. Since the weather seems to be holding out and keeping me on the roof, I think Sunday I should be able to take your prize here.
But Im going to do it. I do hate to admit it but even the piece of crap ex used to tell me that without someone reminding me to stop, I just keep going, until it damn near kills me.

Thanks for the suggestion, and thanks for caring enough to say so.