Wednesday, December 22, 2004


It struck me oddly as I was driving home from Boogers house. Yep, I have a cousin named Booger. (Not his real name) And I realized that dating or the whole dating world is like calling audibles in football.

Anyone who says that this isnt "playing a game" is just fucking fooling themselves or trying to sound innocent and coy. Its not either. Here is a short excerpt of insight I shared with a young EQ friend I used to play with this evening.

Joy: ... gonna tell you right now that dating is always just like it is in high school
Joy: ignorant stupid and embarrassing
(Tj 41 - I might be the city of compton's right knee): lol, really?
Joy: yes, it never gets any better

Ok so the one thing I havent mentioned much is that Cd is Kt's cousin. But I did seriously date Cd years ago when I first moved into Tinker Creek. There was some bullshit that caused drama and we never really spoke again. Until recently, at Kt's. I always liked Cd though, and I believe he liked me a lot too.

Ok so back to football. People call their plays and they make their moves. Im not going to get in depth but does anyone understand this concept or is it just my fucked up imagination how dating or the drama and high schoolishness of it all reminds you of some full contact sport where people just keep changing up, calling audibles and going WAY the fuck offsides??


Dan said...

That is exactly why i don't let it bother me anymore.

There is wayyyy too much shit that goes on, that i really don't want to put up with, and further more not enough patience to see it through.

I understand you loud and clear. It's like a constant tug o' war match that no one can ever win.

BM, The Necessary Movement said...

Dating sux. i like to play football, but I hate watching it. Bores me. Rather eat an apple at the top of the stairs.

Joy said...

Well Dan, thats why I like you so much. Because even at just 18 now you havent yet stooped to the level of ignorance that most of us did by 16 or so. Oh you will, and sadly like most of the smart adult world, you will know how fucked you are while doing it, but you will do. Oh, I cant wait...

Dan: I met this chick, I cant resist her charms..
Danschick101: Dan, I pwned you. Even though you thought it would never happen you got pwned.
Dan: yea I guess you did, I did, its over Im PWNED!
Joy: Its over, icicle will spring forth from the underground any second now.
Dan: yes, I can feel them coming...

Azathoth said...

The problem with dating is that we are opening a part of ourselves up to someone else and that gives them the chance to hurt us badly. Unfortunatly most people will take the shot and hurt someone just because they are afraid of being hurt or because they were hurt before by someone else. It can seem like a game, but the losses stay with us for more than a season.