Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Losing my soul, finding my heart

For some reason these words wont stay out of my head and my heart. They just speak volumes about where I feel like Ive been in my life. At almost any given moment these words could have described my present.

All the times
That I felt like this won't end
It's for you
And I taste
What I could never have
It was from you
All the times
That I've cried
My intentions
Full of pride
But I waste
More time than anyone

But I'm on the outside
And I'm looking in
I can see through you
See your true colors
'Cause inside you're ugly
You're ugly like me
I can see through you
See to the real you

Not depressed or depressive. Just that this feels like the "real me"

Off to work on the roof :D Yay, money is good, roofing sucks BM's balls.

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Azathoth said...

Good song.