Monday, December 13, 2004

Compilation of songs I enjoy. DarkSoulhavoc Part 1

Anyone in my brain enough to name these songs these excerpts are from???

I served my perdition, in this private hell
A thousand angers have kept me alive
Grab a hold on your distorted world
Im here to bang it
Take a little caution when you look my way
See the emptiness in my eyes.
And the evil thing, I embrace
Want to meet you, want to feel you near
Want your, need your, Light
Want your, need your, Life

Come together with your hands,
Save me,
Im together with your plan
All my friends are Indians...
All my friends are brown and red.
All my friends are skeletons
They beat a rythym with their bones.

Come on, lock it on.


Sick in the head,
sick in the mouth
I dont hear a word you say
Not a bit, and I dont give a shit
Yeah yeah yeah
I got the gas, i got the steel
I got everything
And all I need is your head on a stake.


Over me
You fade into the night
Over me
You melt into the light
Over me
You will fear the things I need
Over me
You will feel the hate I breed
You're under me
And you will question my authority
You're under me
And you will lose almost everything
You're under me
You will feel the pain I wanna bring you
You're under me
You never change
Never change a fucking thing
Not a fucking thing


Be what you wanna be
See what you came to see
Been what you wanna be
I dont like what I see

Good luck. The winner takes home a redheaded demon for xmas.


Azathoth said...

I could always use a redhead demon (although I have a Demon already,) Lets see:
Danzig- Evil Thing
?- Spoonman
Soundgarden- Ty Cobb
Candlebox- Cover Me
And I don't know the last one. Well 4 out of 5 aint bad.
(So is there a runner-up prize?)

Joy said...

Damn !

You did nail almost all of them. The only one you missed was Alice in Chains - Heaven beside you.

Id say you win. The only problem is the prize. Ive been told that dipping your face in gasoline and setting it on fire is less painful then what you would get with me.

But for the record. You win, you now own two demons.