Saturday, December 25, 2004

Holiday Update - Style Via Ironpants the incredible blogger

1 5th of Jim Beam that was supposed to be for Xmas.
1 5th of Jim Beam shared with my dad on the 23rd.
2nd 5th he went to get on Xmas eve to replace the one we drank.
My first hangover of the year from the first bottle.
The second bottle I am currently working on.
3 phone calls that lasted more then an hour each with Cd.
30 minutes total spent wondering and hoping Kt is ok and not wrecking his life too much harder.
30 minutes total spent wondering and hoping DAL is ok and not wrecking his life too much harder.
1 gift of much needed clothes from my Mom and Dad.
1 gift of 50 bucks from my Bio dad Bob that will buy my sons Xmas present.
2 hours spent in my favorite Irc chatroom playing UNO with the bot.
3 Valiums.
An hour spent wondering if I am honoring the memories of my lost friends enough by keeping them in my heart this Xmas season.

Slayer-South of Heaven- Played in memory of Robbie James
Cypress Hill - Cuban Necktie - Played in memory of Steve Kinzie
Candlebox - Cover me - Played in memory of Ben Campbell

Train - Calling all Angels - In hopes that these great people who have passed before me will continue to watch my step for me, to guide me and guard me. Im sure without them, I would be a shell of what I am today.

My new years resolution fresh in my mind. No more fakes, no more sell outs, no more dishonor, no more disrespect, no more alcoholics. :)


Azathoth said...

Sounds good to me. Find a smile and hold it close. Keep an open heart, but don't close your eyes as you do so. Merry X-mas Joy. May you find your namesake.

BM, The Necessary Movement said...

That is a great Slayer CD!! I pretty much like them all. I saw them in concert 1990 and it was amazing!!!!!!!!!!

Joy said...

Thanks Az. Everytime I think about you I always wonder WTF is wrong with the women in your town. Ladies around here would kill or die for a man who is so... forgive me, sensitive to everyone and everything around him.

BM you are sooo right. I have been to so many shows but the best ever was Slayer with Biohazard at this little/huge place in Norfolk called the boathouse. They were sooo close to you, being only half a foot above crowd level, it was an INSANE show. Seasons is definately my favorite album.

Ever notice how Gen X still calls them albums?

I feel old today for some reason :/