Tuesday, December 21, 2004

$ongs for $ex

For some reason I just think this is one of the most incredibly erotic songs there are. Of course its not Marvin Gaye or Barry White. I guess it would take a particular type of person to agree with it or feel the same but this song just makes me think of hardcore sweaty primal sex@~

it's ok, it's ok, ok relieve me
pins in me, pins in me, in me you kill me
the lounge fly
the lounge fly
the fly you bring me
I think I'm free but the dogs theywon't release me

I can't give what I take away
and the other understands
she said she'd be my woman
she said she'd be my man
I can't live this way
please refill my soul

don't have a nickel or a dollar but
you feed me
my bottle's empty but you always
refuel me
I feel I'm sinking but you won't
let me drown me
I wanna fuck, wanna fuck
but do you need me?

1 comment:

Azathoth said...

See, now I'm not a big fan of playing music during sex. I like listening to my partner moan, groan and scream. Nothing wrong with crazy monkey sex, I just like the sounds of it itself.