Saturday, February 05, 2005


Just for the record.

Ash AKA, Jesse Rodriguez, is the biggest piece of shit liar, deceiver and lazy motherfucker alive.

That is all.
And if he brings his IRC buddies here to talk shit. Well, hes going to get it back 10 fold.


Gama said...

What happened?

Joy said...

Ive been chatting on an IRC (Internet relay chat) with a few people for about 8 years now.

Last week Ash, whom Ive known pretty well during those 8 years, just banned me.

Not that I care too much. Im spending a lot of time on video games at the moment. But it was the point of it. No respect, no honor or decency. And then he had a bunch of ignorant people send me IM's.

It was just in general immature. I didnt expect much more then that from him ever, but it still annoyed me.