Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Killing with Charm

Standing with my enemies
Hung on my horns
With haste and reverie
Killing with charm
Only happy when you hurt
Only deadly in a swarm
Only healthy in the dirt
Only empty in your arms
I play, I’m sick and tame
Drawing the hordes
I wait, and show the lame
The meaning of harm
The skulls beneath my feet
Like feathers in sand
I graze among the graves
A feeling of peace
Only bending when you break
Only feeding when you’re cold
Only healing when you ache
Only feeling when you don’t


BM, The Necessary Movement said...

Have fun on your vaction!! Take me!!! I am short and I can probably be stored in your carry on luggage!

Gama said...

Have a good vacation Joy :-)

Azathoth said...

Beautiful yet angry and sad. very nice darlin, but sorry you had to feel the pain to find these words.

Bookend said...

Darkness...yet recovery is there...the word healing was use...I saw it...don't deny it, you used it...