Sunday, February 13, 2005

What the hell V 4.0

Ok. Cd. He still hasnt called me. Thats fine. No closure. FINE. He should have gotten the snail mail yesterday, or maybe tomorrow. But thats ok. I wont answer now if he does call. Now its a battle of wits and strength. Now I get it. Sadly, I will win this one. I hope he seriously hasnt been 'testing' me because he failed miserably, and I suffered lightly.

Ok its not. Its bullshit. I dont care if hes seeing someone else. I dont care if he just thinks Im a crazy bitch whom he doesnt want to speak to again. But GFDIT how do you just do that to someone. Ill tell you. Immaturity. Pay attention Joy! Im learning ok... trying. The only way you can leave someone hanging like that is to have never experienced the loss of someone important to you. Even if you experienced it, you didnt learn from it. Either way. Immaturity. I feel greatful I guess. Im not usually lucky enough to spot the immaturity before the relationship begins. Im damn glad now we didnt cloud up the learning experience of the relationship with sex.

If I need sex, I know where to go. I dont have to attach myself to someone immature just to satisfy a physical need.



Azathoth said...

Sorry to hear about the outcome. I had hopped that he was an exception to the rule (most men are a**holes and most women are psych bitches). Yet life is long and all of this is a learning experiance, just some of us lean quicker than others. I've lost those close to me as well and know how hard it is letting go when you know theres always a chance it may be the last time.

Jay said...

Way go girl.

There are plenty of fish in the sea – remember that!

If he doesn’t know how to appreciate you, don’t waste your time no more. Find someone else that is worth your while.

Keep your head up, gal!

Joy said...

Thanks Az and Jay. The support and kindness DOES override the selfish actions of one man. Because of keeping in mind that not all men are alike and assholish it keeps me going. Thanks 2 u 2 for stopping to prove it from time to time.

Other men should be thanking you while they are all out there making your jobs harder.

Joy said...

I just noticed that something I posted on Jays blog last night was dated the 14th already.

Shit Im dyin faster then I thought. Better find the right guy soon lol

Gama said...

Sooner or later you'll find someone to love joy, keep your chin up :-)