Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Hows this sound?

Instead of the spammer who wrote the thing about the blog off on some of our blogs... Id like to ask if anyone is interested in making a someone community for the bloggers who frequent all of ours.

It seems an easy way to get to one blog addy if have to format. That way everyone you blog with can easily add you again.

I think another plus is that sometimes we want to crawl out of our lil blog holes and rant someone @ random where we know we arent 'clogging' up someone elses blog with stuff thats driving only you crazy at the moment.

I will take care of all the links and invites. And I want to make it clear that I dont mean my bloggers alone, but your bloggers, their bloggers and so on. Not to mention the so many others that can add colorful blogging to the forum right along side the usual. :) I hate webrings really and this woudnt be that kind of sign up spam you to death type of thing. Just a place for us to call home base. Friends should always have a home base right?

Damn, any of you fuckers ever play hide n seek as kids????

Just playin. I want to know everyones thoughts.


BM, The Necessary Movement said...

I am cool wit anything. I think that spammer blog guy was the bed sheet kid. He got are info Blind Idiot Gods blog. We should kill Aza guy!! I am kidding he is way to big and can pummel me into a billion bits!! Really he could I am a short 5'8" and he is like 6'15" big!!!! That suckers got height!!!!

Azathoth said...

Um... maybe. Not quite sure I understand what all that means. Sorry, but I'm still just a newbie at all this stuff (Look how long it took me to link).

And BM, I'm 6'4", not 15". You need to get stronger glasses.

Gama said...

Yeah I'm the NEW GUY in School.

I better go skinny dipping :-D

Bookend said...

I don't know what any of that means...I didn't even know that was a spammer guy...keep me up to date on this stuff those of you that know something about something cuz I'm clueless..and I'm in on whatever you want to do cuz I trust ya