Friday, February 18, 2005


Beer, party, tired.
Weak, sleepy, liquor.
How did I get to here?

Yawning, restless, awake.
Beaded sweat, thirsty, no.
Grinding, throbbing, pulse.

Quit feeding me, I must drink the juice alone.

*No idea wtf*


BM, The Necessary Movement said...

Great poem for a Friday!!!!! Now I am scared to drink!!! Thanx a lot!!!! ;)
Have a great weekend!!

Joy said...

Damn, its just Friday?....
Anyway, good, drink up dont be scared!~

Azathoth said...

I have to work this weekend. Retail suxs.

Gama said...

Have lots of liquor for me Joy.

Rex Venom said...

I bet you ‘re a big Lee Marvin fan….
Um. I mean, you sound like an excellent person to follow the path of debauchery with! Stay cool, and I hope you enjoyed your weekend.

Jay said...

I dont drink, I smoke!
Smoking is bad to your lungs..
but without it,
I will live like a walking corpse.
it is best to damage my lungs rather than being a living dead.

This is not a poem if tht is what you have in mind - this is my confession!


BM, The Necessary Movement said...

Ok well its monday and I can tell you this...

I drank a real lot saturday, so much it's monday and I can still fell it!!

Bookend said...

I hate those moments...but they are usually the result of some good times...hmmm?