Monday, February 14, 2005

Cocaine Drama

[21:34] Joy: dudes are so criminal and shit
[21:34]  : dont give me that shit!
[21:34] Joy: lmao
[21:35] Joy: they are man
[21:35] Joy: dude is evil
[21:35]  : women suck!
[21:35] Joy: he says.. cory asked who gave me a ride to work today...
[21:35] Joy: i was like uhh.. umm... yeah?? he said far as he knows kelly took me
[21:35] Joy: i was all .. oooh.. damn thanks love u. kkthx2u
[21:35] Joy: meat stick wins
[21:35]  : i cant believe you talked to her though
[21:35] Joy: yeah a lot
[21:36]  : why
[21:36]  : alot
[21:36] Joy: cuz of all the coke prolly
[21:36]  : your a traitor
[21:36] Joy: lies dude
[21:36] Joy: i did not traitorize u
[21:36] Joy: im the only person there that didnt u fewl
[21:36] Joy: lil bitch
[21:36] Joy: i should have now
[21:36]  : everyones fucking traitors
[21:37]  : i dont care
[21:37] Joy: lies
[21:37]  : im used to it
[21:37] Joy: i had no reason to traitortize u
[21:37] Joy: i told her all i knew about u i knew from talking to you myself.. so she coudnt really tell me much that i didnt know.. that i wanted to know
[21:37] Joy: u c
[21:37] Joy: it kind of shut her up and made her all jealous at once
[21:37] Joy: im the reason she called u u bastard
[21:37]  : but you coulda smacked her
[21:37]  : or something hostile
[21:37] Joy: dude
[21:38] Joy: i was hostile to her a bit
[21:38] Joy: she was all... tryin to . .i dunno
[21:38] Joy: game over me
[21:38] Joy: u know what i mean?
[21:38]  : no
[21:38]  : lol
[21:38] Joy: shes like..
[21:38] Joy: im all smart etc etc ble ble.. women are highly intimidated by women older then them
[21:38] Joy: so she was already lookin fewlish just talkin the shit to me
[21:38]  : wtf lol
[21:38] Joy: damn man. ok
[21:38] Joy: game rules
[21:38] Joy: women rule
[21:39] Joy: women older then you rule you
[21:39] Joy: that is all
[21:39]  : i know this
[21:39] Joy: ok so
[21:39] Joy: game was
[21:39]  : shes a year younger than me
[21:39]  : and she needs to grow up
[21:39] Joy: she all tried to talk to me as if.. and i was like.. no way, i know what i know and i dont wanna hear your side.. yo
[21:39]  : im not messing with younger girls anymore
[21:39] Joy: and then it was like.. oh.. no.. she pwned me
[21:39] Joy: see
[21:40] Joy: she didnt talk to me much after that
[21:40]  : but she fucked me over you shoulda smakced her
[21:40]  : your my friend!
[21:40] Joy: hahah
[21:40]  : dude
[21:40]  : really
[21:40] Joy: dude.. i havent even seen u on here in years
[21:40]  : she threatened to throw my shit out on the street
[21:41] Joy: she did try to pwn u and i shut her the fuck up
[21:41] Joy: no shit
[21:41]  : she called me dont get this shit out tonight its on the street
[21:41] Joy: well see i didnt know wtf happened.. i might have smacked her had i known that shit
[21:41] Joy: i would have at least raged
[21:42] Joy: dude.. had i known she threw your shit out id have said something
[21:42] Joy: cuz at least even pecker neck didnt toss my shit
[21:42] Joy: u gotta talk to a motherfucker every now and then if you want your old bitches slapped yo
[21:42] Joy: stupid
[21:43] Joy: i already wanted to slap her
[21:43] Joy: a reason would have been grand
[21:43]  : well
[21:43]  : lets seeeeee
[21:43]  : she tells me to get the fuck out one day, 2 days later some gay guy and his roomate move in with her
[21:43] Joy: lmao
[21:43] Joy: wasnt dave was it
[21:43]  : she calls me telling me to get my shit out cause they need the room
[21:43]  : no
[21:43] Joy: cuz that dude had a LOT of coke
[21:44]  : see
[21:44]  : thats what i mean
[21:44]  : they are all fucked up
[21:44] Joy: he gave me so much coke i fixed my pc
[21:44] Joy: so i have to give that dude props
[21:44]  : dave has owed jp money for like a year for $100 LD phone bill
[21:44] Joy: lmao
[21:44]  : jp's been talking shit about him too
[21:44] Joy: well he gave him about 1k in coke that i seen
[21:45]  : they all just talk shit about each other
[21:45] Joy: lmao
[21:45] Joy: ld phone bill
[21:45] Joy: cocaine
[21:45] Joy: all of its hilarious
[21:45]  : wtf is jp gonna do with coke
[21:45]  : he wont even smoke weed
[21:45] Joy: lol
[21:45] Joy: yea.. he does
[21:45] Joy: and from the angle i was sitting
[21:46] Joy: looked like he put it in his nose
[21:46] Joy: but i could be wrong
[21:46] Joy: he could have been eating it


Gama said...

Drama is on the air, we are not alone.

Azathoth said...

Um... Ok.