Monday, February 07, 2005

Game Over

Ok so Philly didnt win. I wasnt entirely confident that they would. But DAMN, that really was a good game. Better then the last few NE blowouts Ive watched. Both teams had some serious defense going on and the defense from each team was shaking up and beating down the opposing offense.

Im still going to be a loyal fan regardless.

Even CD didnt call to taunt me. I think its past time I speak to him and close that book. I am going to try to call tomorrow when he gets off work to get some kind of closure on the very short friendship we shared. I dont want to, I just feel like its the adult and wise thing to do. No regrets, no wondering what would have happened had I just called. Oh, Ill prolly be mad after the call, but Ill be relieved. Im not the type to live easily when I have unanswered questions.

Sigh @ me


michaelnicholas said...

Thanks for the description on Penny, sounds like some unusual times. I suspect this Sarge guy could pummel everyone, so our two guys should team up for two-on-one. Use that hair-pulling girl as guest referee, and it's all good.

Gama said...

Damn it I missed that game!
oh well may be next time.

Azathoth said...

WTF?!?! It was like watching a collage game! Fumble, interception, fumble, interception. Both quarterbacks were playing like idiots. Sometimes it felt like they were trying to pass it to the othersides players! I love a close game but how the hell did offence that sloppy get into the superbowl? I've seen better playing from the freaking BENGALS!

Joy said...


I told my cousin who watched it with me that all they were doing was just rolling the ball back and forth to each other. Kind of like a cross between rugby with 4 year olds and bowling.

And what the FUCK??? Why didnt Philly call a #$(&#*$#&$ time out at the end of the second half there. They had two TO's and let the clock run through about 38 seconds of just fucking around. The next play they called a TO on, got it damn near FG range and time ran out.

I wanted to put my foot in Holmgrens, cant ever spell his fuckin name, but in his teeth, face and ass at the same time.

Joy said...

I meant at the end of the second quarter up there, not the second half.

Gfd it still pisses me off!

Bookend said...

I don't live easily with unanswered questions can we?