Thursday, February 17, 2005

Lost Terrell Owens Head - Update

Well, last night I got to find out the fate of the Head at hand. Terrell Owens head, a sports figurine head that I took off with a 9 iron, and purposefully left at Kts so that Cd would see it and know how I felt about him and his little game.

Kt said that Cd had come over the other night. Ok touchy situation here but I had to ask.

"Did he see the head?"
"I dont know"
"Well I know one thing, had he seen that head, you would have known"
Lots of laughter from Kt.
"Where is it?"
"Its over there on the dresser, I was trying to get his helmet off yesterday"


Ok, we are both very evil evil people.


Angry Nice guy said...

Well, it's a shame he didn't see it. I can't think of a more powerful message than finding Terrells head on a table.

Angry Nice guy said...
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Azathoth said...

Somewhere out there Terrell is shaking in his boots. Evil rules! Come, join the darkside and we will rule together. Evil will always win, because good is dumb.