Saturday, February 12, 2005

I promised

Ok so Ive promised several people several times I would take some recent photos. Get a few more shots of the tattoo's. So here goes a few. The back piece has to wait, I cant see my own back very well, even opposed to what my ex said about me being possessed. I still cant see it with a mirror.

Thought I would share the happy eyes I had today. I dont get them often. And yes, most people tell me I look like Im up to something all the time. Im not... not 100% of the time.

Ok this is the tattoo I have on my upper left breast. Even though you STILL cant see it well, crappy dig cam. It is a black rose that is morphing into a dragon. The stem becoming a tail as it curls up into scales from thorns.

This is the Ankh I have on my ankle

This is proof of previous post of the tattoo that is forever hidden under my hair :p

And the next two are ridiculous looking me, starting to look old but still feel like a 14 year old, and act like it sometimes.

Wet from the shower when I started this post.

Drying out and wrapping this up.

I guess the last pic is almost a look of self satisfaction. Never fear, I dont expect it to last.


Azathoth said...

Very nice Joy! I love the tatoos, and you look so satisfied, did you just get some? Someday I'll figur eout how to post photos and then you'll see what getting old is all about.

Joy said...

Why yes, just under 10 hours or so before that post. Back to reliable ole Kt, god but that boy must love me to accept me so much. But yea, he makes me look like that after a night with 'em. :p

Bookend said...

That's a good look to get...he must be very in tune with your needs...

Gama said...

Lovely tatoos Joy, I liked your pictures.

Joy said...

In tune with my needs ~ Indeed!