Saturday, February 05, 2005

I hate love

I just hate it.
I hate caring.
I hate giving respect where its not due.
I hate dishonorable people.
I hate people who cant speak the truth.
I hate people that leave you hanging.

I hate being sick.

This week, was a hateful week.
I hate it too.


Gama said...

Did someone broke your heart?

Joy said...

I tried to be good and honest with Cd. I really believed in my heart he was a down to earth kind of guy.
Last week I came down with a horrible sinus infection and apparently he called me early enough that the sleeping pills I had to take hadnt worn off.

I dont even know what I said to make him mad, but after a couple of days not hearing from him I called. He said I had been real rude to him so I immediately apologized.

I seen him at a friends house the other night and the second we were alone I asked him if he ever planned on talking to me again. He just said some trash talk about the superbowl and my team and avoided the subject.

When I was leaving I said "call someone every now and then or something"

Havent heard from him. No I dont love him. But I liked him a lot. I liked him because I thought he would always be blunt and honest with me.

Apparently I gave him more credit then he deserved.
My bust. No loss of love. I just hate it when I judge a character wrong.