Thursday, November 25, 2004

Angry Turkey Day v1.5

I made it all the way through T-day dinner. I was overwhelmed, and a tad disappointed. Hell at one point I even considering encouraging some dissention. I decided against it. I was the last person to leave, oh I mean I wanted to leave earlier, but I was battling the odds so I had to push the limit.

I even got to take some candy home in a nice tin. Dear god..., is that what they have all been getting all along if they dont get thrown out. Now Im pissed again. Thats 16 years since I left home, 16 tins of Candy and homemade cookies that I got jipped out of. 16 Angry Turkey days that could have been easily turned into "Eat an assload of turkey and take home some killer sweets" days. That sure as hell would have been easier to drag myself to.


Marcella said...

lol! i just read your last two posts and i'm hooked now! articulate, to the point, and, damn, i love your attitude.

enjoy that candy!

Joy said...

Welcome Marcella ~

Azathoth said...

Heh heh heh, so all the candy you've missed eh? well at least this year went good. Hopefully it'll set the tone for future holdays. 16 tins of cookies, you should ask for them as back pay.