Monday, November 29, 2004

What kind of guy?

Well, I know what kind of guy I dont need.

I know I dont need one who is insecure. I dont need one who doesnt know how to treat females.

Is there such a thing as a man who is kind and gentle, you know, only in front of his woman is even fine. And strong and empathetic. Honest and still knows how important a white lie can be from time to time. "No your ass doesnt look fat in those pants" ... see, that was easy wasnt it?

A guy who knows how to make a woman happy in bed or out. And one that actually can handle his alcohol.

Ive tried the intelligence and forgotten about the looks. Ive tried the looks and forgotten about the intelligence. Neither of those has proved satisfying.

Hmm... I think I need a custom made one. Is there a factory for that? No I dont mean a sex toy factory either. I would like it to conversate from time to time.


Angry Nice guy said...

There are nice guys out here. But after so many years of dating psycho women we tend to try and stop being who we are. The problem is that most men suck, but so do most women. After you've been through a few asshole you start acting like them cause your sick of being hurt.

Dan said...

I dunno what to say, I'm not certain what i'm doing here. Seems like you need some morale boosters though.

Which would require me to have kind words to say of course... however i doubt you need to hear them from me, i believe you know how i feel about you.

Don't worry about it much is all i can say. Used to let it eat away at me, a lot. Eventually, you will find someone that is right for you. Yep, thats my cheezy line, you can take it or leave it. I'm living by that cheezy line right now, and even though i am young (and haven't tried very hard), i have plenty of time ahead of me.

You do too.

Azathoth said...

Actually, I mostly agree with the Angry dude. After being through a Demon myself, I find that I am hesitant to date again. I treat women the best I can, yet they leave. So apparently I'm the one who is wrong and women don't want to be treated with love, support, and respect. So many people have suck low self-esteem they don't know how to handle being treated good. As for the ones who treat them good, we are left feeling that we are the ones who are wrong. To quote my Demon:
"you make me feel special and I don't know how to handle it so I can't see you anymore"
If anyone can tell me how I was supposed to answer that I would appreciate it.

Joy said...

I agree with Angry too. It goes both ways, trust me. I fully realize that most women are not worth the time it takes to love them. The same goes for men.

I also agree with you Dan. Ive found the best mates and friends when I wasnt looking. I dont actually mean Im looking by my post, Im just wondering what kind of male can cope with a female like me.

I dont know what to tell you Az, except the truth. Women are seriously fucked up in the head when it comes to men who treat them with kindness. I cant be with someone with low self esteem either. Whoever commits their time to me is going to have to be able to stand on their own.

As far as what the Demon told you, I have no idea how you could have answered that except to perhaps let her know that it was her loss if that was her choice. Theres ways to say that where it doesnt seem like such an insult I suppose. Sounds to me like she insulted herself enough.

BM, The Necessary Movement said...

guys are crap, women rule!!

Gama said...

Don't worry, sooner or later you're going to find the right guy. A guy that always going to be there for you,
a guy that's going to trust you with all his heart.
I know is not going to be easy to find Mr Right,
but after all nobody is perfect.

Bookend said...

I thought he wasn't out there...but he just walked out the door to go to work...I'll make a copy for you and send him to you and you can download him...

Joy said...

Awesome!!! I almost thought, I hope hes not a big download, because Im stuck on crawl up/dial up. But then I thought to myself, wait nevermind, I hope hes a HUGE download and I can wait for that. Been waiting 31 years now, a few extra days wont hurt :p

cao said...

I think you are on the right track...
people tend to treat you as good as you treat yourself
not as a rule of course; there's always the dickheads
but that is energy you just have to walk away from
that tells the universe, "hey, i don't want dickheads"
maybe the problem isn't the other woman or man or dickhead, maybe they can be considered some kind of friend for showing you just what you need to work on and just what you will consider ok to have around you
rock on girl, keep telling them to step
you have to believe not only that they are out there
but that you are worth finding
eventually, the perfect (and i mean perfect for you) person will be standing in front of you and it wont be them who is just will be you

i'd love to think we are all here for the cheese curls
but fuck, this life thing is work

Joy said...

A very nice thought. I am patient, perhaps too patient if possible. If I meet that person, the one I am right for, at age 80 then Im sure it will still be worth it.


"i'd love to think we are all here for the cheese curls
but fuck, this life thing is work"

Lol absolutely~