Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Thanks to brainy people who have creative brain cells left

Thanks to a damn good old friend with brains the size of Texas for helping me with my first site. Click the link to see the site almost done :D

joy: this makes me wanna...
joy: beat myself in the face with a hammer
joy: how do you do this shit and still look so relaxed and calm n kewl
JLD: what stuff
joy: page, links, hyperlinks, html, bla bla ble ble KILL MEH NOW
JLD: ill help u ok
joy: ok lol
JLD: lmao
joy: r u laughin at me?
JLD: yeah mon
joy: lol
joy: why u look @ the site again?
JLD: no man
JLD: cool it
JLD: i gotta do a site tonight for the rastafarian rap lords here
joy: lol
JLD: cats eye inc
joy: wtf no that sounds frightening
JLD: your starting to remind me of that preacher in poltergeist movie that came out and touched that midget gypsy and fried her on touch
joy: hahhaa
JLD: so what do u do man
joy: a/s/l plz
joy: in my free time, I collect cans
JLD: wtf man
JLD: lmao shut up u are such a loser like right now
JLD: gosh
joy: did you ever know that your my hero?
JLD: sent u a tiff 458 kb maybe 5 min dl on crawl up to the dragon cave
joy: ok sweet
JLD: u get it mayyun
joy: die bitch
JLD: wtf man
JLD: is it downloading
joy: roll out
joy: roll out
joy: yea
joy: yeah yeah damn
joy: i owe u a pile o sammiches yo
JLD: based on the current structure you have now?
joy: well... if possible., unless you have a better structure, because my structure is almost structureless
joy: i will owe you mucho sammiches mayan
joy: no kidding, come to the noake and ill take u to the shady new yerker
JLD: muchos
JLD: it is a touch shady isnt
joy: yeah, i think any place where the owner looks mad that you are there is a tad shady lol
JLD: u will say anything
Joy: bs lol
JLD: u f--- son of a b--- mf
Joy: if it was bs id say.. yo its bs
JLD: i was up in the noake saturday
Joy: dayam
Joy: should have went and had a sammich
JLD: i seen donna walking down patterson ave with a mini skirt in
JLD: on
Joy: got the goods yo
JLD: really
Joy: downloading dvd software now
JLD: that was very slow
Joy: very
JLD: was it opened up?
Joy: the burg mail is slow
Joy: ?
JLD: still sealed
Joy: it was sealed
JLD: thought maybe sice i was mailing to a convict like yourself
Joy: haha
JLD: what the john
Joy: what the richard
JLD: what the poindexter
JLD: did u install suite?
Joy: not yet no
JLD: man wtf i oughta smack the
JLD: damn man u are old
JLD: when we going on that date
JLD: to the new yorker thug sandwich shop
Joy: Lol
Joy: whenever u want man
Joy: i wanna go for realz
Joy: having a sammich with ya would make my damn day
JLD: yeah mon
JLD: then we could go egg the jarozewski house
Joy: god... that would be awsome
JLD: i just thought of something ill
Joy: can u imagine how much he would shake when he seen it
JLD: what if i made a flash of him shaking trying to light a cigarette then peeping in windows, and emailed it to him and al anonymously
Joy: Omfg
Joy: Oh man....
Joy: bcc me lol
Joy: oh mayan
JLD: i think i am maybe ill bcc all the execs
JLD: OH MAN it could take a week to make it but it would be worth it
Joy: oh man... so worth it
JLD: i should do it south park style.
Joy: omfg
JLD: snail mail and email
Joy: ooh my god.....
Joy: thats incredible man
Joy: you are god
Joy: omg... do Al, and Marty... omfg... TIFFY.... give her big ass fake red hair
JLD: what do u think
Joy: omg dude
Joy: i swear.. it looks like him man
Joy: the lil frown did it
JLD: going down to maple leaf... i wish i could rig the song up
Joy: omfg....
Joy: tears man tears stop it yer killing me
JLD: have michelle come in and whip al like a biyotch
JLD: man this could be huge
Joy: dear god man... u are genius
Joy: making bob listen to fifty cent
JLD: bob is pops
Joy: yep
Joy: u gotta meet pops man.. hes insane
JLD: lmao thats wild man
Joy: he likes it
JLD: does he read your ims?
Joy: hes 67
Joy: no lol
Joy: he dunno wtf to do with a pc
JLD: hes almost your age isnt he
Joy: wtfnhell
Joy: ,,,,
JLD: is that a bird man?
Joy: yea man
Joy: u got the bird for that comment
JLD: dag man
JLD: u wanna get married man?
Joy: sure man
Joy: to who?
JLD: me u smuck
Joy: your married man wtf yo
JLD: second wife
Joy: oh
Joy: u wanna harem?
JLD: yeah man
JLD: u down?
Joy: sure man. means i only have to do 50% of the womens work
JLD: or mistress (concubon)
Joy: sounds good to me
Joy: im down
JLD: concubon?
Joy: concubine
Joy: yea sure
JLD: alright YEAH
Joy: ok ok
Joy: calm down
Joy: now u got 2 women to listen to them bitch
Joy: poor no foresight having bastid
JLD: aint that the truth
Joy: lol yea
JLD: never mind
Joy: hahahahaha
JLD: i already got grays
Joy: u need what i need
Joy: a deaf dumb and blind spouse
Joy: no talking, its not permitted
JLD: hahahaha
JLD: that sounds like a blow up doll
Joy: hmm
JLD: u can do this instead ok
Joy: ok
JLD: go to your shared border
JLD: delete the gray box
Joy: good your finally gonna give me the retard way to do it, its been 3 fuckin days mayan
JLD: then go to the insert menu and insert flash movie
JLD: or something like that
JLD: shut up man
JLD: :@WTF Man respond to me before i destroy u
Joy: lol bob was yackin
JLD: well u got it down now i see
JLD: bizznob
JLD: to the rizznob

Ok, I know no one else cares to read all this chit but me, but damn that guy is genius. Going to upload the south park pic he made and post under this.


BM, The Necessary Movement said...

I read that whole thing!! i am proud of my slef.

Joy said...

Ok just so you know thats not the usual me, thats the me who was building a web page, it does stupid things to your brains to look at crap like this all day


After about 12 hours of that you are likely to say anything.

Azathoth said...

When I was young we didn't have all these symbols. All we had were 1's and 0's and WE WERE DAMN GLAD TO HAVE THEM!