Friday, November 12, 2004

Ph33R M3H

Im kind of scared of this weekend. Im not quite sure whats going to happen but I know something will. This will be my last FFA weekend for a bit too. One way or another I am going to have to enjoy it. So in the spirit of having a good wrap up weekend to my Joy Season, I will begin it on Thursday. So thus far its been...

2 Coors light 22 oz.
3 Millers
1 round of Shell Shocked on the Xbox
1 night at my neices listening to my sister screech about how good lookin her new bf is.
1 night at my neices listening to my sister screech at the pic I showed her
1 night I couldnt stay awake past 1am.
1 muscle relaxer that made me feel like I had been laying down for hours, when I hadnt even taken my shoes off yet.
3 friends that made dragging myself back to home the boring hell hole not so miserable
1 cousin I got to talk to that is blood related to me and we hit it off beautifully. Hes going to take me to see some more family this weekend
Wasting my Time - by the band Default played 4 times while I checked all my fav blogs and got ready for a shower
20 bucks my dad is going to give me so I can enjoy whats Inc.
1 sad moment when I realize my joy causes at least one other person pain
1 moment of "fuck it" when I realized I shouldnt feel guilty at all.

Off I go~~


Azathoth said...

Here's to saying f*ck it. I do my best to never hurt anyone (unless they hurt one of my firends, in which case thier fair game). But there comes a point when you have to take care of you and let others worry about themselves. Keep celebrating your Joy season (why does it have to end?). I'm glad you enjoyed the Theory on Hell. I'm thinking about posting it one day. Smile and have fun, in the end that is the true meaning of life.

Irie said...

you two are communicating behind my back! ack!(lmao)
and right on me lady..I am not calling you now cuz i know whereth you beez...muahahaha.
I think Im tired..but IM not really sure..

BM, The Necessary Movement said...

That sounds like a great night!!!