Monday, November 08, 2004

Weekends to remember

She came home on Friday, in the afternoon. Her dad was having a glass of wine and tried to dance with her, ballroom style to music like Busta Rhymes and Wu-Tang. She showed him how to dance to her music instead. He bought her a beer and told her he wished she would stay with him and give him someone to talk to tonight, but he understood she wanted to get out.

She goes to her moms house and talks to them for a bit. She's already decided shes not going to his house tonight. Its Friday and thus Uglyday at his house tonight. She remembers something his cousin said earlier this week and decides to call. "Hey, whats up," she whispers. Feeling like a teenage girl again instead of a grown woman. "Hey babe, just sitting here, what you going to do?" "Not sure, was going to ask you if you thought C would split that with me. I figured Id just call him or something, or you can, and Ill call you back." Silence. "Actually I need to find Kevin and get my check." Sounds like he wants her to give him a ride, so she sighs, takes a breath and ask. "Yeah please, I need to get over there before it gets too late." More sighs, and off she goes.

She gets over there and hes still inside. Cursing and putting her beer in the console she goes inside. If its possible to really curse and mean it while smiling, thats exactly what she did as she walked to the door. So the same old same old Friday night it is eh? Yes it is.

Saturday night was a lot better. Went to see some old friends play. Please click the title link for a link to Random Noise Generators website. These are a group of local guys, most that I grew up with, and are completely kick ass. Dan, go download any songs it will let you get, this is old school sepultura hardcore, doesnt get any better then this unless its because you have a 5th of Beam in your hand while you are watching them play. So back to Saturday.

These two have never even mentioned being serious or more then just friends to each other. But Saturday night seen something they had not experienced before. Jealousy. And no, not on her part, she doesnt get jealous much, rare, trust me shes the fucking Panda bear of jealous women. Very uncommon. JR another old friend just kept talking in cryptic words to them. So, are you guys.... ? They are friends they say.

So they go to Caywoods. She asks where Andy is. Hes coming! is the answer. Yay! Smiles, happy, get to see a good old friend.... whats with the silence. A glance over at him and he looks upset. He smiles crookedly at her and she goes, Andys a good buddy of mine, I miss him, cant wait to see him. He doesnt say a word. A lot of nice looking men around here... she keeps telling herself, smiling inside and out. She forgot what it felt like to be happy, to not be worried, to not have to earn love or work so hard to get it. Its just given to her here. Love, trust and friendship. You guys arent leaving are you? They asked. They just laughed and left for about an hour.

She knows she needs to find a pair of nuts and just tell him. Its like these two people feel exactly the same way about everything, about each other, but neither will just spit it the fuck out. She tells herself shes going to this weekend, at all cost. Screw it, its got to be done.

Sunday night, quiet, relaxed, fun.... weirdly couplish.

As the night wears on, 1130 and both tired. "Lets get in the bed." Sounds good to me. An hour later, relaxing, breathing... talking? Not really.

"You know I love you to death right?"
"Its just because of the sex"

She cant win. Its impossible.


BM, The Necessary Movement said...

I like your firneds band! Lost Immortal is great! It has a Fear Factory sorta sound to it. I like it! The production is wonderful. Great quality! Thanx for sharing

Dan said...

Joy, you remember that picture on the "real keepers" page. Alright... now imagine that head as a skin head now.

Yep... head was shaved, and i haven't seen my scalp in years. It's like i found a whole new exciting place.

Joy said...


Very glad you liked the band. They do have some incredible sound in my opinion for a bunch of guys stuck in this backwoods town of ours. When they are playing that two feet from you in their sound booth in the basement it sure as hell does wonders for the weary soul. It doesnt make this said weary soul happy persay, but it does give this weary soul a good kick in the ass it needs to just break down, get drunk and quit giving so much of a rats ass for a few. I love em~! Maybe once I can get them to burn me a CD or two you can get one from them too.