Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Who gets mystified?

I wanted to make a list of favorite music for different occasions but I dont want to get list happy. I am only giving 3 good songs each, perhaps not the #1 songs in my book even, just damn good ones for those special occasions. So here goes....

Songs to drink hard liqour to:

The Ocean - Led Zepplin
Have A Drink On Me - AC/DC
Sickman - Alice in Chains

Songs to drink a beer to:

Cheap Sunglasses - ZZ Top
Been Caught Stealin' - Janes Addiction
Smooth - Santana

Songs to drive to:

Call Me the Breeze - Lynard Skynard
Ty Cobb - Soundgarden
Roll out - Ludacris

Songs to Enrage you into an assault and battery charge if listened to after the beer or liquor songs and/or attempted manslaughter charges if used in conjunction with Songs to Drive to:

Damn that River - Alice in Chains
Cuban Necktie - Cypress Hill
I Fucking Hate You - Godsmack

Songs that should get you a kick to the crotch, followed up by a swift backhanded pimp slap across the face, if you Karaoke them in a bar:

Slim Shady - Eminem
Are You Lonesome Tonight? - Elvis Presley
Sexual Healing - Marvin Gaye

If you can drive to Ty Cobb completely in your right mind and not mash the gas pedal just a wee lil bit then you are not a normal human being. The same goes for slaughtering the lyrics of any truly GOOD artist in a drunken Karaoke frenzy. Im not quite putting Eminem in the same catagory as Elvis or Marvin Gaye on a genre basis, but strickly on a trend setting time of release basis.


Azathoth said...

Actually I love singing Elvis's 'Are You Lonesme Tonight'. I can't sing and don't do Kereoke, but I'll belt it out when I hear it.

Another bad one for driving is the 'Imperial March' from Star Wars (Darth Vaders theme). No, I'm not a Wars Freak (I like them, it don't mean I gotta go to conventions or dress up.). But try listening to it and not getting arrogant while driving. Or for that matter Joe Satriani's 'Sufing with the Alien'
Also, for hard liqour try George Thorogoods "1 Bourbon, 1 Scotch, 1 Beer".
Also Nazareth "Hair of the dog'.
and try Lynard Skynard's 'Give me back my Bullets.'
I could go on but I'll stop there.

Joy said...

Hmmm, the other songs I recognized but I must try the imperial march one. In my opinion, theres not much that compares to strapping on an ego when you get in the car, I mean, at least it combats all the 'doh' types that are driving next to you right?