Tuesday, November 23, 2004

The ghost of the past

I was listening to old music, pondering old games when I thought Id go ahead and shove myself towards my own mortality a bit by remembering some old things that I grew up with, old favorites, some scary stuff and such.

Pac-Man - God we were so addicted to that ridiculous shit
Zelda Nintendo 64
Dragons Lair - Arcade version (Damn that game, Damn it.. so many quarters..)
Gauntlet - Arcade version (nothing like 3 of your best friends helping you kick the crap out of a video game)
Haunted House - Pinball
Teen Spirit - Nirvana
My mind is playn tricks on me - Scarface
Skating Rings
Pre-Microwave and my refusal to eat leftovers
My old birth year Dodge Dart that we used to blare music from while jumping on the hood. (Still the best car I ever had) (or maybe just the most durable)
Florescent Clothing
Cords - Aka corduroy pants
Blue Eyeshadow
Pre-Contact lenses and the fact that I spent from 4th grade until age 21 or so not seeing a damn thing. HAHA @ all those who rode in my car during that time.
Scott Keaton - The boy from the group home with no parents, or a mom who was a crackhead back when crack scared the hell out of most people. Now its a recreational drug.
Crack when it killed people.
When Lead paint was a problem.
I remember Elvis dying. I remember being a tiny tiny kid and my sister and mother crying like it was the end of the world. I remember wondering wtf was going on.
Rat Tails - all the boys had them. Some girls did too.
Foot tall cans of hair spray. Ive never used hair spray. I bet a lot of my friends wished I had.
I remember everything being considered satanic. That is, everything except for people like Jim Jones who mass murdered people while the rest of the fanatics were out burning kiss records to avoid the devil.

That is all.


BM, The Necessary Movement said...

Yup, we are definitely from the same generation.

Azathoth said...

I can hear the echoes of many of your memories in my own head. The King is dead and gone but his music lives on and on. The late 70's and early 80's were one hell of a time. From roller skating fades to one hit wonders to the Challenger shuttle, what a wierd ride. When you had to go to the Tv to change the channel over to channel 56's Creature double feature every Saturday. Followed by Kung-Fu theatre. From watching the first video on Mtv to seeing no video's on Mtv.
If you ever have the time check out the lyrics for either '1985' by Bowling for Soup or '19 something' by Mark Wills. Good stuff. Keep riding that Memory Lane, it'll always bring you home. Peace.

Angry Nice guy said...

Heh. Oldies but goldies. In the words of Al:
Those were the good old days
Those were the good old days
The years Go by
But the memories stay
and Those were the good old days.

Any one remember Tank on Atari? Venture? Pitfall? Adventures of Zelda? Techmo Bowl? The story of my life told through video games.

Irie said...

I'll never ferget the first day MTV came out..we all skipped school and went to my friends apt and smoked outta a 4 ft plastic bong..I remember falling asleep on the couch shortly there after..
shit i remember the birth of the vcr ..Beta rocked
the slide box -cable channel thingy...
Kicken the shit outta my sisters 8 track in my sisters caremengia cuz it ate my LZ 8 track..loved that click click in the middle of my fav song..
sheesh..Ima shuddup

Joy said...

Techmo bowl, challenger shuttle & the 8 track in my moms AMC Gremlin I used to steal late at night.

Good memories for the most part.

Oh, Ronald Regans attempted assasination too!