Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Angry Turkey Day

3 things I am 100% sure I will hear at Thanksgiving Dinner at my parents house.

1. Joys here!
2. You always ruin our holidays
3. Get the hell out

Yep, I know it sounds sad and dysfunctional, well it is dysfunctional but its not sad anymore. Id likely be disappointed or concerned if I didnt get to hear numbers 2 & 3 exclaimed outloud at least once. They are also always sweet enough to let me eat first. My mom even usually shoves turkey at me as my dad is yelling for me to get the hell out.


Azathoth said...

Sounds like what my sister K tells me every time I see her. Fortunatly we only see each other at holidays or birthdays, and I've gotten good at ignoring her. Hope things go better this year. Have a happy dead turkey day. Save me some stuffing. Peace.

Dan said...

My tourkai day won't be so pleasant either. I hate spending time with family on my dads side, we have nothing in common. Nothing beyond blood ties.

I get to entertain 8 cousins in my small basement, one of which is confined to a wheelchair.

tourkai day is a horrible holiday

BM, The Necessary Movement said...

Ok, I know I shouldn’t have laughed at the three things said, but I laughed my ass off. For me that is about how it goes every Holiday or every other visit. Their excited to see you, but ohhh so happy to see you go!! I would love to be that little fly in the house to see what those fuckers have to say about me. I know they talk shit before I get there because I understand their retarded inside Jokes while they snicker. I want to beat them all in the head with a Turkey Leg!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Joy said...


Glad you laughed. I do, I have to. I know its coming. I know Im going to get there and they will all be like weee... its Joy, while silently going, "God I hope she doesnt stay long."

I think just to mess with their heads this year Im going to come in like a super hero. Perhaps Ill run up on the porch, proudly put my hands on my hips, and proclaim. "My Kingdom for a Turkey Leg to beat you all down with!"

Nevermind, I do want to eat. Ill do that once I get the 'get the hell out' statement.

BM, The Necessary Movement said...

Good choice eat and drink all their stuff. Then let the insults fly!! go get um!

Irie said...

IM now at the time in my life I prepare my OWN Dysfunction Thanksgiving !!! WOOT!
I stick a bud way up in that bitch of a bird to give it that special twang..
I dont fuck with my kids though..they are all laying around in the living room ..watching Fball and playing Xbox while I do everything..of course Im cussin the whole time that Im doing everything..and I get an occasional OK MOM DAMN!
I laff and go blow another bowl...
welcome to my house
oh the cat ate the pound cake..and NO! it was Sara Lee