Tuesday, November 02, 2004

I guess I know

I miss you when Im not with you. I think about your smile, your face, your body. I sit around talking myself into calling you to tell you these things, then I talk myself out of it just as quickly. I know you aren't, cant possibly... be right for me. But suddenly I dont care. All the things I know, all the things Ive learned about you over the years, those dont matter anymore. When I see you, I smile, deep inside. When Im so close to where you are, but cant come touch you, I feel so empty, in the same spot I can smile from when you are near. When I can see you, my eyes, my brain, fills up on you. I just dont know how to tell you this stuff anymore.

God, sound like a damn soap opera dont I?


BM, The Necessary Movement said...

nahhhhhhhhhh i think it sounds cool!

Azathoth said...

That just about covers how I feel about my Demon. God I miss her.