Friday, November 05, 2004


What is Redism?
- the downside to being a redhead

If you're a redhead, you almost certainly had times at school when people picked on you, simply because you were different to everyone else. You were the one with red hair, and you were to be avoided at all costs. You supposedly had the short fuse, the unpredictable temperament and I bet you were the last one to be picked for any team too.

*The last line is not true. I was always picked first. Most of the time before most of the boys. But thats aside from the point since kids are the most opportunistic people on the planet. They wouldnt have cared if I had a hump growing off the side of my face if I could beat down all the mean kids in Kickball. Hum... maybe now I see the connection. Bad example.*

There were the taunts of "gingernut", "ginger" and "carrot-top". You may remember others. You could be walking along one day and some idiot with nothing better to do would call out across the street "GINGER!", leaving you to guess his I.Q. to be under 10. And did you ever wonder why you got called "carrot-top", when you could have sworn your hair wasn't green?

*What the hell wussy ass school did these kids go to? Gingernut? I would have laughed at that. It was the redheaded step child, red on the head as a dick on a dog shit that annoyed me. Red on the head means hot in the hole. Do you realize Ive been hearing that since before I knew wtf hole they meant? Gingernut.. lm...fao.. ro.. fl"


Azathoth said...

Think red hair was bad? Try being the fat kid. Up until 9th grade when I finally grew (from 5'5" to 6'1" in one summer. Everyone left me alone after that. By sophmore year I was 6'4".). They used to have days designated by the kids as 'pick on fatty' days where they would all try and see who could be meanest to me. From making fun of my wieght, family, or physically assulting me (being stabbed in the side with a pencil sucks.) it was fun.
Fortunatly I had some good friends out of school and I was good at ignoring things. Now I find it all kind of sad. Although I do pick on myself these days. Maybe a left over defense mechanism? Who Knows.
Hope you have some friends who see you as more than just hair color. If so, smile.

Joy said...

Well I want to say kids are cruel but that just sounds too nice these days. Kids suck, they are egomaniacs as well as being the worlds most opportunistic little people. Sadly, some of them also grow to full adulthood when in actuality they should have been gobbled up in the food chain years before. But it DOES all go back to the parents who raised them eventually. Example being this, my sister, used to smack her 5 year old daughter out of the chair for chewing with her mouth open. Ok, that disgust me too, I hate it and I refuse to eat near adults who chew with their mouths open. But now, I have a neice who will laugh at obese people, and use all the manners in the world when chewing her food. On the other hand, I have a 15 year old who I only had to smack out of his chair once, it was the day he looked at my dad and told him "Pawpaw, you are so fat." I then explained to him that pawpaw had been on his own since he was 15 years old, he didnt have a mom or dad or grannys or grampas to feed him full of sweets and shove playstations at him, and that whatever he looked like on the outside, was not the person he was to be judged for. So now, I have a 15 year old who wouldnt dare open his mouth with an opinion like that, but one day, his wife might smack him out of the chair because he chewed with his mouth open. Thats her problem in my opinion, I did my job, someone elses turn. All parents have to pick their battles, its the parents who ignore the most important battles that will pay for it in the end.
I wonder how many of these asshole kids who taunted you for being overweight.. are overweight now? I wonder how many of those chicks who gave me dirty looks for having red hair are now buying it in a bottle so their hair is just like mine? Most of all, I wonder which kind of parents they are to the up coming generation of opportunistic-egomaniac midgets they call children? I bet they are more concerned with manners then teaching them how to be humane.

Well, I dont know you well Az. But I can tell you this just from one stranger to another. You appear to have intelligence, kindness, sensitivity and love for your friends. And I recognize all that in you from the words you type on a blog, so if I can see that much and the worth of it without having ever laid eyes on you, then others do too. Whats more important is that you are a good listener. I dont know or care what kind of women you have given your time or heart to, but if they didnt appreciate you for that one ability alone, then they arent your type and dont deserve one second of your time.

Besides, they should be seeing you for what you are. Tall. Now, would you make yourself useful and get that box of lucky charms off the top shelf there for me? Im too short. And in a minute, Ill be a short angry redhead, and all the cro-mags one wants that.

Irie said...

Hey Joyjoy..
well you know me...I was mostly the bully. Ended up that was because I have very large eyes..and my name think up how many words that rhymes with..( did i spell Rhymes right? Ryhms..wtfever)anyways..I was my Grandfathers only grandson ( I am a girl for readers that dont know me) and he , being the veteran of 4 wars...and seeing that me and my mother hated each other since i was born..he taught me to fight around age 4...
anyways...Ill never forget the day...2nd the lunch room." Smelly Kelley with a belly like jelly has frog eyes" I smacked the jerkwad in the face with my food tray...was the good ol was metal. There was lots of blood..and i went home and couldnt sit for a month..
but I was a good bully...all the kids with any kind of 'fault' hung out with me...and al the 'perfect kids'...ran the other way..
anyways...IM still kinda that way at