Friday, November 19, 2004

Well, Well, Well

Well I did talk to my friend. I explained to him that I considered him my friend, and that I didnt use that word too lightly. He asked if I was angry. I replied with 'do you think I had reason to be?'. Yes, he said. So onto the friendship. I also explained to him that he trusted me, and with good reason.

Then "Well, how many other people do you call friends that you trust?"
"None Joy."

My reply to that was that I was sorry for him because of that fact but he didnt want a friend who pitied him correct? I mean most people would be happy just having someone they can truly trust and depend on to help them through things. And that should he ever disrespect me again, he wouldnt even have that anymore.

This is what I meant when I said it takes most people a lot longer to learn how very important it is to appreciate. Some never learn. In my personal opinion, those are also the quickest to let life make them bitter.

Just my $492.00 dollars worth.


Azathoth said...

Sounds like things are back in order. Glad to hear it. Sometimes people don't talk till things have gone too far. Hope he realizes the friend he has in you. Peace.

Joy said...

I think perhaps he does Az. And I thank you for the words on your blog too. When I came home that day after being so hurt and disrespected and seen your post. I was given a bit more strength then I had before I looked. You gave me concrete when I was sinking in the quicksand.

Thanks2U :)

BM, The Necessary Movement said...

That AZ is much better then Bob the Builder!!