Monday, November 01, 2004


I am honored by a friend who wrote a poem dedicated to me. I hope he doesnt mind me posting it here, it gave me a better feeling then Ive had in quite some time.

Here's To Joy
Joy Is...
That Warm Feeling In My Heart When I Know You Are Listening.
Talking To You, Sharing With You, For Better Or Worse
Knowing There Is Someone Out There That Cares
Knowing I Can Say Anything I Feel, Even On My Darkest Day
Helping To Carry A Friend
Having A Friend Help Carry Me
Going Out At 10:00 TO Share A Moment With A Distant Friend
Waking Up In The Morning, Blogging My Heart Away
Joy Is A Kindred Soul, I May Never Meet, But I Will Always Know
She Can Never See My Tears
But I Know She Sees My Soul
Joy Is My Friend..

Im always listening, Im always here.


Azathoth said...

Sounds great. isn't it good to have great friends? Sometimes they are all that gets me through.

Irie said...

you best be tellin me who wrote that and whats taken you so long to do it anyways? omg Im appauled =p