Friday, November 26, 2004

The real me

I hate having pictures taken of me. I usually let it happen though because I have had personal experiences where having a pic of someone no longer around and how it can ease your soul a bit when you need it. I keep an antique chest with mememtos in it of things like that. Photometal shot of Steve, A pic I took with a digital camera of my best friend Ben. But there is only one picture Ive ever seen of myself that I felt represented me for the most part. Some say it looks sad, but I didnt feel sad, just in depth, the natural me, observant and serious. Of course I have my up days or other pictures of myself where Im smiling and happy, but this is the me I feel is a true representation of my life, my heart and soul.

I also have a picture of a bad girl that is my favorite as well.

And finally, the pic I had no link to before, that my friend JLD a real web site builder :P, made of our previos boss at Maple Leaf Bakery. He is making a flash with the whole gang from MLB, and this was his first creation. Hes wearing the lab coats we had to wear from the bakery with the actual logo from the company on it.

And while Im exposing myself. Heres a tad O ink I got about 10 years or so ago. No its not the only piece I have but its definately the largest.

What ya think?


Iconoclast said...

Hi Joy,
I think you are great injustice to people like me who has fallen in love with just pic of yours...No seriously you are pretty.You know that pic..there is a slight smile on your face suggesting that you are upto look absolutely wicked.Tell me Joy,from whatever you have posted so far ,you seem to be creative aren't you ? Well tell me.U can drop a line at

Dan said...

Look, you get your very own perverts as well Joy.

Goes to show you that showing your back to people will only earn you more weirdo's that want to talk privately and have instantly fallen in love with you o_O

rolandog said...

Although your picture is a bit dark, perhaps it reveals what your persona hides (or is it the other way?)? Tell me if I get this right:

Although you might be portrayed as a melancholic, or always wear a straight face, you enjoy sharing a laugh and have a great sense of humor.

I hope I got it right. I've been feeling lucky about interpreting other peoples' gestures ever since I tried asking a question for the first time to a friend of mine:

I had just met her at a friend's party and we had been talking for an hour or more, and I sensed that we were running out of things to talk about. So I asked the girl what word would she use that best described her:

But I just felt that I already knew the answer. So before she could reply, I said "Enigmatic". She had this "whoa, dude" look on her face. Priceless.

We're like, best friends who seldom meet each other ever since. w00t.

Joy said...

Lol great thanks Dan.

And yes you are pretty much right Rolan. Thanks to both for the comments :)

Marcella said...

That's a beautiful tattoo. I wish I could find something like that and have the guts to get it done. I'm just making plans for a little butterfly hidden away somewhere, heh. But that's artwork. Gorgeous. ;-)

Gama said...

That is a great work of art.

Joy said...

Thanks Marcella and Gama for the compliments. Ive had that piece since I was about 20. It took 17 hours to complete. No not in one sitting, but about 4 sittings. I had a very good friend and tattoo artist named Matty, that was a sort of mentor for me for years. He did that entire tattoo freehand and for only $225.00. The going rate here should have made it cost $1700.00.

Azathoth said...

Wow, suddenly there are tons of replys for you, your following is increasing. I love the tatoo as well, good price on it too. I like the shot of you, although it does come up a little fuzzy. I know what you mean about losing someone who you have no picts of, sucks eh? Hope things are going good for ya Joy. So what other skin drawings do you have?

Joy said...

I have a black rose morphing into a dragon on my chest, a black rose bud on my right upper arm. I have an Ankh on my ankle, its a RIP tattoo with a friends initials in it.... hmm, I have a couple other things here and there.... Oh, I have the Danzig skull icon tattoo'd on the left side of my head. Sure, no one will see it again until my hair thins, but the grandkids will love it Im sure. Pretty sure Im missing something but Ill figure it out later. As for now, too much beerzs.