Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Name that song... please?

Ok who knows the name or the artist that sings that song that says "I dont know about yall but I know about us and its the only way we know how to rah?"

Ok laugh all you want but name that damn song its killing me. Besides, I need something to blare as I pull up to my parents house for Thanksgiving. If I dont have something loud and obnoxious they might not tell me to get the hell out, then, well you know, Ill be stuck there.


Azathoth said...

Although it's not one that I listen too, a friend recognized the lyrics as belonging to 'Usher', the song is called 'My Boo'. Hope that helps. Peace.

Joy said...

The whole song can go to hell for all I care. But its got one of those synthesizer sp? things in it making that damn noise. That pulsating noise? I dont know but it sucks me in. I feel like Im just following the piper of course but the noise is like ear candy to me... or something.